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Nafil is a huge customer-focused marketing professional. We found Nafil to work on our SEO campaign in 2020 based on his industry thought leadership. Nafil did not disappoint us and I would recommend Nafil in driving any business's digital marketing strategy.
Swati Raj
Founder and Managing Director of Swatz Pvt Ltd

"60x increase in traffic!"

Nafil is a truly talented individual. His expertise and knowledge has helped grow my company's web traffic grow from a few thousand visitors a month to nearly 65k/mo in less than a year. He has been a critical component to our success and growth of our business. It's safe to say we wouldn't be where we are at today without him.
Codo Girl
Buy and Sell Designer bags
nafil shareeef - seo expert

Nafil Shareef

"I help people through the SEO every step of the way"

I have built my entire career on his ability to drive results land worked on leading SEO campaigns at some of the most respected agencies.

Your website is the foundation of your entire business ecosystem, and that’s where my zone of genius comes into play. Over the past 5 years, I've been helping my clients strategize and strengthen their online visibility so they can generate MORE website traffic, connect with the RIGHT people, and make more money from their website.

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