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In less than 3 months we had more than a 300% uplift in organic traffic.

Private Consulting

Not into SEO groups? I offer private 1 on 1 consultation. I will help you through the digital marketing process.

SEO Services

Quality at the best price. Period

Our Process

Nafil Shareef SEO Consulting Service to help you through the “process”. Ever just want to ask an expert if you on the right track. I offer to consult for those who need a helping hand after trying everything but still can’t get the rankings and traffic results from their site deserves. I’m proud to offer a done with you consulting approach that will help guide your search marketing regardless of your experience level. 

The Best SEO Consulting For You

Depending on your needs and where you are in what I call the process. This will determine the best consultation approach for your business. Depending on your individual needs and experience will determine what type of consultation your website will need. I provide primarily 2 types of SEO consulting including group SEO coaching and private one-on-one consulting. Depending upon your specific needs will determine what type of consultation is best for you. I handle all website types and niches and can quality diagnose any SEO errors that could be hindering your ranking ability.  

Types Of SEO Consultation

On-Page SEO

Off-Page Optimization

Technical SEO Consultant

Google My

Business Consulting

Google Maps

Local Business

Keyword Research 


What To Expect From Our SEO Consultation

First, we will meet for our SEO consultation over your choice of Google Meet, Skype, or over the phone. Then working together we will go through all prepared questions. I will answer by giving clear and actionable itemized answers so you will leave our consultation with a game plan and not more questions.  

I offer three (3) SEO consulting options to service all businesses regardless of time and budget.

  1. 60 minute private one on one SEO consulting
  2. 30 minute SEO consultation option. 
  3. 10-minute consultation option for those burning SEO questions that you just need an answer to.

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